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Historical European Martial Arts
In The Upper Arkansas River Valley

Salida Historical Fencing Club brings Historical Fencing to central Colorado.

SHFC offers training in the martial sword arts of medieval Europe. Classes focus on the use of the 15th century Longsword, 17th century Rapier, and 19th century Saber.


The historical record left numerous manuscripts and treatises behind that detail how the people of medieval and early modern Europe trained and fought in single combat. Study of these primary sources not only brings us closer to the lives of people long past, but can be adapted for use in the modern world as recreational and athletic activites, as well as used in competitive and sporting environments.

About Us

Salida Historical Fencing Club aims to bring modern training and use to the historical martial arts surviving from medieval Europe. SHFC shares the philosophy of many other clubs throughout the world that even though these martial arts are no longer relevant in the world today, they can still be useful. We take a modern and athletic approach to training the historical techniques and tactics found in the old sources. These skills can then be applied in sport and competitions that are held worldwide.

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