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How We Train

At Salida Historical Fencing Club we believe that to be the best sword fighter, you have to be both *historical* and a *fencer*. By combining historical techniques and tactics with modern training and theory, we forge fighters who are competitive worldwide.



With only a few exceptions, it is clear that the authors of the surviving historical sources knew what they were doing. Through their works we can learn how the sword itself was manipulated and how the intent behind these motions shape the flow and form of a fight. However, rote repetition of the techniques described contribute nothing to a fencers skill if not trained in the appropriate context.


With only a few exceptions, it is clear that modern sports scientists and coaches know what they are doing. The current literature and methodologies allow us to get faster, stronger, and fitter than ever before. Modern safety gear gives the opportunity to train at levels of speed and power unthinkable with historical equipment. However, even the most rigorous workout routine contributes nothing to a fencers skill if appropriate technique and tactics are not applied.

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