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Labor Day Weekend

August 30th to September 1st


The Salida Sword Selebration is a gathering for all like minded and fun folks in Colorado and other nearby regions who a share a love of swords and historical fencing in all of its forms. Everyone is welcome regardless of discipline, organization, skill level, area, or other differences that may keep us from interacting on a regular basis.

Sparring, discussion of fencing, socializing, and general interaction between people throughout the wider fencing community is expected to be ongoing through out the weekend.


Location and Lodging

The gathering will be held on the Karnuta family property located at 7077 County Road 150. Just outside of Salida, CO.

There is ample room for setting up tents for camping on the property and we hope that is what the majority of people will be doing. There are several other options in town for the less outdoorsy folks. Notably, the Salida Hostel and Woodland Motel are both less than a mile from the property and a nice trail goes along the river to the property so you don't have to walk along the highway.


There are no truly planned activities or event throughout the weekend. Every body will be here to make their own fun. A large space will be set aside for sparring along with plenty of areas for socializing and other bullshittery. Space will be also be set aside to hold any improptue classes and a board posted to advertise them ahead of time.

The training gym will be fully open for use along with the outside pell area.

A cutting stand with water bottle attachment will be available along with equipment to soak any tatami mats brought along.

Saturday Night Party

Like last time there is the option of a pizza and beer party Saturday night along with associated shenanigans.

Cost will be $15 per person and must be paid ahead of time for ordering. Please send money by Venmo to:

Along with a note to tell us who you are.


Please remember that there will be many different people from many different fencing cultures in attendance. Make sure that you clearly communicate with anybody you fence so that there is full understanding of gear, rules, attitude, and any other aspects of fencing agreed upon before beginning to play with one another.

This is not an official event of any kind. There is no form of insurance. There is no medical personnel on site. Your safety is yours and yours alone. There is an Emergency Room within site of the property any visits to it are solely the responsibility of you and any other people directly involved in the incident.

Please RSVP with the Google Form below so we can accuratly plan for the chaos.

Please send any questions to:

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