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Aaron Karnuta

Head Instructor

Aaron Karnuta is a certified longsword instructor and multi-medalist fencer who has competed internationally in both open and invitational fencing competitions. He's been training and teaching HEMA for more than a decade with a variety of clubs, and is happy to bring his expertise and love of historical fencing to his hometown of Salida. With a focus on the Liechtenauer tradition of longsword, Aaron brings a deep knowledge of both historical sources and modern competitive practice that's hard to match.

Details of his many escapades have been recorded in such prestigious publications as our own Mountain Mail.


Salida Historical Fencing Club

A shared vision

The Salida Historical Fencing Club shares the idea that the future of Historical European Martial Arts lies forwards, that organized athletics and competitions will act to further drive the sports academic and re-creative aspects.

As such, SHFC focuses on a wide engagement with the larger HEMA and Historical Fencing community. We strive to foster strong relationships with fencers and clubs that hold similar beliefs both at home and abroad.

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